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Heating bills a struggle?  Applying for the Wisconsin Home Energy Plus program is the answer!


The WHEAP program runs from October 1, 2016 – May 15, 2017.  The program offers a one time payment per household, per heating season to assist with your utility cost.


All applicants must meet the income eligibility limits.  Example, the income limit for a single person is $2,181 per month.  The income limit for a couple is $2,852 per month.  The size of the benefit will depend on household size, income and heating costs.  Assistance is available whether you heat your home with wood, fuel oil, propane, natural gas or electricity.  The payment generally is sent directly to the energy provider.


The WHEAP program also partners with the Weatherization Program and may be able to provide assistance if your furnace should break down during the season.  This is a program available to you at NO cost.  The Weatherization Program will also offer an evaluation of your home to help you reduce your energy costs.  If you chose to participate in the Weatherization Program, a representative from Weatherization will contact you to do an audit of your home.  Once the audit is complete, you may be eligible for assistance in the form of air sealing, insulating and repair/replacement of mechanicals such as water heaters, furnaces and ventilation fans.


Energy Assistance appoints will be offered in West Bend, Germantown, Hartford and Jackson.


Contact your local Home Energy Plus Agency at (262) 335-4677 for more information or to apply for assistance.  




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 TOWN HALL FOR RENT!  Contact us via phone (262-626-4818) or via our website for more information.



Town of Wayne Web site: http://townofwayne.org

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Welcome to Wayne, Wisconsin.  The town of Wayne was originally settled in 1848 and was named after U.S. General Anthony Wayne of the Pennsylvania Battalion who is famous for commanding the forces of Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolution and founding the “American Lite Corps.”  (Revolutionary Special Forces). 


Wayne’s earliest settlers were a combination of German, Irish, Scottish, French, and English settlers.  Attracted to the area by the rich soils, resources, and abundant farmland, these early settlers became the founding fathers and mothers of our three hamlet areas: Wayne, Kohlsville, and St. Killian.  Today Wayne is a beautiful, rural town surrounded by rolling hills, rivers, and many small ponds.  Residents enjoy the pleasantries of country life combined with convenient access to the larger communities of Kewaskum and West Bend. 


The Town of Wayne has a three person Town Board that meets the third Wednesday of the month at the Town Hall .  There is also a Planning Commission that meets that same night, at the Town Hall at 6:30p.m.  The Town Board meeting immediately follows the Planning Commission meeting


The town hall is located at 6030 Mohawk Road, Campbellsport, Wisconsin, 53010.

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Address: 6030 Mohawk Road, Campbellsport, Wisconsin, 53010


Phone: 262-626-4818


Fax: 262-626-1958


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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